Solakonferansens Forskningsfond/The Sola Conference  Research Fund dissolved and deleted as of February 28th 2018. For full notice please click here.

In a 2003 board meeting, The Sola Conference Foundation decided on the creation of a fund aimed at improving aviation safety.
February 13th 2004 the board passed a motion to establish "Solakonferansens Forskningsfond" (org. no. 992 062 789). The statutes were approved April 20th 2005.


To stimulate research into risk and safety in aviation. The research should be tied closely to the University of Stavanger and their ongoing work in this field.

To benefit the joint aviation knowledge in the region and encourage continued improvement to the level of risk and safety in aviation. 

Administration and management of the fund

Activities and grants are managed by the board and the administration of The Sola Conference Foundation. A board of two members is expected to manage the funds assets and propose grants in accordance with the statutes of both The Sola Conference Foundation and The Sola Conference Research Foundation.


Odin Leirvåg
Chairman until deletion as of February 28th 2018
Phone: +47 41660514

Leif Anker Lorentzen
Board member until deletion as of February 28th  2018
Phone: +47 95262276

The Sola Conference Research Seminar

The Sola Conference Research Seminar 2006