What has happened since the beginning in 1987

The inaugural Sola Conference took place May 29th 1987 at the KNA-hotel in Stavanger. Since then the conference has been held yearly at the Quality Airport Hotel Stavanger, Sola. Starting 2010 the conference has been held at Scandic Stavanger Airport, Sola (the former Rica Airport Hotel Stavanger), and from 2018 at Clarion Hotel Air, Sola.

During this 32-year period more than 4000 participants from all levels of business, aviation, education, public sector and nonprofit organizations has helped maintain focus on quality, safety and the environment.

Ministers of transportation has participated in most conferences together with influential people in european and american aviation.

The Sola Conference has become one of the most important meeting points for people who want to better the level of quality and safety in all areas of aviation. This has led to the creation of many similar conferences in both the maritime and health sector. 

Why The Sola Conference?

For Safety in Aviation – the most important independent arena for debate and exchange of knowledge.
For those having new knowledge – those who are in need of knowledge – those who want to obtain knowledge

What is The Sola Conference?


The goal of The Sola Conference Foundation is to gather people who best qualify to better the safety, quality and environment within aviation. The program centers around relevant issues in aviation and tires to pinpoint what areas to focus on to most effectively improve aviation safety. The conference, through its engagement, also aims to convey new knowledge to areas outside of aviation.

Our vision is to promote the importance of safety and security in its broadest definition and to create an understanding that safety and security has a cost but that investing in quality, safety and security is in the end profitable. 


Professional and political leaders within the ministries, aviation companies and Avinor AS, Luftfartstilsynet, international plane manufacturers, unions, research and education, media, ploliticians, oil companies, transport and other areas of business.

Annual reports

The annual reports are all in Norwegian. They can be found here.

Credit Rating

Stiftelsen Solakonferansen (The Sola Conference Foundation) Business Report Credit Rating 2019

The Sola Conference in the media

The Sola conference mostly appears in norwegian media. For a comprehensive list check out the norwegian version.